Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab

The mission of the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab at Michigan State University is to design innovative prototypes, techniques, and complete games for entertainment and learning and to advance state of the art knowledge about social and individual effects of digital games. The GEL Lab is an association of game research and design faculty and students at Michigan State University, primarily in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. The lab does externally funded research and development work and employs several graduate and undergraduate students.


Dealertown Ford

In late 2009, Ford Credit, the vehicle financing subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, approached Spartasoft about creating a fun, educational web-...

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Olympus (Short and Long Term Effectiveness of Exergames for Young Adults)

Olympus is a fantasy role-playing game that allows players to immerse themselves in the wondrous time of Ancient Greek history and myth. Players...

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Grumpy Snowmen

In the game, rival big ten schools have setup snowforts across MSU campus, populating them with grumpy snowmen.  The player controls Sparty...

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Freaky Deaky Flashback

In Freaky Deaky Flashback, you assume the role of an undercover FBI Agent, Daniel Jacobs, immersed in the rebellious counter-culture of the late-...

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